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An artist seen through artists eyes

Kirsten Flagstad was photographed and paintet by many artists throughout her career. Many artists were also inspired by her and her work. A magnificent portrait adorns one of the rooms at The Metropolitan Opera in New York, a magnificent painting covering a wall in the Norwegian Opera and Ballet.

Due to space, the largest portraits are displayed in somewhat diminished format, inserted between several original works. Some of these have not been shown to the public before.

This exhibition shows some of the many reproductions that exist and gives an insight into how she was portrayed in her day.

Portraits with unknown artists and/or dates

There are many paintings and other portraits of Kirsten Flagstad out there, and we at the Kirsten Flagstad Museum cannot capture all of them. We also seek information about portraits that we have or know about, but do not know who is the artist or when it was painted. Maybe some of you know? Feel free to contact us if you do!