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Ragnar Ulfung

F. 1927

Norwegian opera singer Ragnar Ulfung.

Ragnar Ulfung is one of our few internationally large Norwegian tenors. He has spent most of his career in Sweden, where he was employed by Stora Teatern in Gothenburg 1955-58, artistic director 1977-78 and leading tenor at the Royal Teatern in Stockholm from 1958-83. He was acclaimed in Sweden as an "Italian" tenor of class, and his great acting talent and his idleness and elegance were constantly highlighted on stage. He was renowned for the vocal height of the voice and the rarely-sounding midrange, as well as the confident musicality and warmth of the lecture.

He made his debut in Oslo in 1950, performed in Glyndebourne, London, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Washington, Santa Fe, Milan, Torino, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Vienna, Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Buenos Aires, Tokyo, Copenhagen, Oslo, Helsinki. Ragnar Ulfung has had an impressively large repertoire and has received several national and international awards and honorary membership. He is appointed Knight of the Order of St. Olav.

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