Jessye Norman 1945 - 2019

The female counterpart of Pavarotti

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We are filled with sadness for the loss of a woman that has meant so much to so many of us. She was a living testimony of true beauty. Here at the museum we felt her generosity when she almost 25 years ago sang a memorial concert and refused to be paid for it. She said that for her it was such an honour to sing to the memory of Kirsten.
Some years before she came to the museum on what she herself called a pilgrimage. Attached is a copy of what she wrote in our guestbook after her visit.

"Why does one make a pilgrimage? Out of awe, love, respect - need? We've sat in the room in which, most probably, Kirsten Flagstad was born. We have heard her recorded voice in the same room. - An awe -
God has created some wonderful sounds to stroke and give immense pleasure to our ears and spirit.
What a complete sound was the voice of Kirsten Flagstad."

Jessye Norman, 20. August 1991.

We ecco the sweet words that she wrote to honour Kirsten. These words were her own, but for us they fully apply to her."What a complete sound was the voice of Jessye Norman."

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