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Ingrid Bjoner


Norwegian soprano Ingrid Bjoner

Ingrid Bjoner was one of the leading sopranos of our time, and had an extensive international career at several of the worlds biggest opera stages. She made her debut in Oslo in 1957, performed at the opera in Wuppertal, Düsseldorf, Munich, San Francisco, New York, Milan, London, Vienna, Berlin, Salzburg and Bayreuth. Ingrid Bjoner was also a widely used oratorical and romance singer.

She had a lustrous, lyrical-dramatic soprano, which pointed early to a world career. The voice is also described as "voluminous with a unique softness and sensuality". After completing her singing career, Ingrid Bjoner became a professor at the Norwegian Academy of Music. She received several national and international awards and was appointed commander of the Order of St. Olav.

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