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100 years ago, Kirsten Flagstad held her debutconcert,

21th of March 1918

The 23 year old Kirsten Flagstad was having her debutconcert 21. mars 1918 in the University Aula in Oslo.

She is writing in a letter to a friend: "It's very exiting, a lot (of tickets) has been sold allready. I have not been down town to see my picture in the window, but everybody say they are awfull! But I don't mind, the surprise will be bigger when they see my glourious revelation in the concert!"

Before the concert she had recieved telegrams with happy wishes, and also 35 beautiful boques of flowers, which they used as decoration on the stage. She said later that she saw almost only known faces in the audience, but her own mother and father was not present. They were working as musicians on a silent movie in the movie theatre.

Her mother, Marie, was going too give Kirsten a gold bracelet as a present after the concert, but she could not wait to the evening!

The music was decided a year before the concert

Carl Richter was assisting, and together they would sing duets from Don Giovanni and The Magic Flute by W. A. Mozart.The italian maestro Piero Coppola was accompany on the piano. Kirsten Flagstad had songs from composers such as Sindig, Grieg, Wolf, Weingartner and Strauss!The concert would start right on without a piano introduction with the aria "Ritorna vincitor" from Aida by Giuseppe Verdi. But she was not concerned, she had perfect pitch after all!

The critics were all in agreement that her voice had grown beautifully and the concert was a success.

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