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A milestone in Norways music history!

The staff at the Norwegian Opera gather for the first time.
Aftenposten 2. september 1958

"This is one of the greatest days of my life, but not just for me, it's a milestone in music history in Norway. We must show ourselves worthy, lay back and forsake and work towards something that will once be big, towards the day the opera moves into their own house. I hope for a good cooperation in the sign of friendliness and loyalty. " Kirsten Flagstad

The article is only available in Norwegian

  • Newspaper article about Kirsten Flagstads first days as manager for The Norwegian Opera and Ballet.

"It's not hard to keep your smile today!", Said Kirsten Flagstad, the new opera manager. Conductor Øivin Fjeldstad (left) and tenor Bjarne Buntz. (Buntz singing starring in Tiefland) Bottom left: Dancers Edith Roger and Henny Mürer with opera ballet master H. Algeranoff