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"I always say that I am from Hamar - I am so proud of that, I still feel that Hamar is my town."

Kirsten Flagstad said this in an interview about Hamar in 1958, and everyone who visits the Kirsten Flagstad museum in Hamar will never doubt that Hamar was Kirstens home town.


Strandstuen is located at the top of our church street in Hamar - only a stones throw away from Hamar Cathedral church. And this lovely house is standing were it was rebuild long before Hamar became a city in 1849. Strandstuen is Hamars oldest house.

As international operastar, Kirsten Flagstad was mostly traveling, with hotelrooms as her home. Her needs for knowing her roots became bigger and she chose her birthplace, Hamar. 

At the Kirsten Flagstad museum you can visit us alone or with a group. If you are with a group we recommend you call or email us ahead so we can plan a guided tour. We can offer coffee, a light snack or other request you would have to make this visit to your wishes. Please contact us for more information about a guided tour.