Kirsten Flagstads musicality

"Already in the early years, Kirsten Flagstad's musical talent was noticed. She both played the piano and sung. Nevertheless, the maturation process towards her sensational debut at the Metropolitan Opera in New York on February 2, 1935 would take a long time, characterized by uncertainty bypassing and apparently random choices" - Rolf Knapper


This new exhibition in Strandstuen is about Kirsten Flagstad's musicality and how it was cultivated since she was born and through out her life. The exhibition has been based on an article from 2011 by Rolf Knapper. It can be read in its entirety in the book "Glimpse of Hamar's music life" from Hamar Historielag.

We also get a little glimpse into a soprano approach to Wagner by Elisabeth Teige.
Many thanks to Rolf Knapper, Elisabeth Teige and Katarina Lien (graphic work).

Come to us in Strandstuen and read the whole article in a good chair in a historical setting.